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When you first launch the default scene in OpenSpace, you will be focused on Earth at the current time and date.

In the top left corner of your window is your Dashboard. Hide with Shift + Tab.

By default, this displays:

  • Distance to focus in kilometers
  • Avg. FPS: Average frames per second
  • Position: Latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates of the object in focus, followed by altitude from the object in focus
  • You can modify this information (including the display font and size) in Settings > Dashboard.

In the top right corner of your window are Friction Toggles. Hide with Shift + Tab.

Movements can either stop naturally (with friction) or continue indefinitely (frictionless). This is toggled by clicking on these words or using these shortcuts:

  • Rotation f
  • Zoom Shift + f
  • Roll Control + f

In the bottom right corner of your window is Version Information. Hide with Shift + Tab.

This information is the current build and version number of OpenSpace you are using.

In the bottom left corner of your window are your Menus (also known as Graphical User Interface, or GUI). Hide these with Tab.

These menus, from left to right, are:

  • System
  • Scene
  • Settings
  • Navigation
  • Time
  • Record
  • Slides