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Is it possible to run OpenSpace in kiosk mode and mask the display area ?

There are two steps and two options to achieving what I think you want;

  1. To hide the GUI elements you can add the following script to the .scene file that you are using: openspace.setPropertyValueSingle('Modules.CefWebGui.Visible', false); openspace.setPropertyValueSingle('Dashboard.IsEnabled', false); openspace.setPropertyValueSingle("RenderEngine.ShowLog", false); openspace.setPropertyValueSingle("RenderEngine.ShowVersion", false); openspace.setPropertyValueSingle("RenderEngine.ShowCamera", false);
  2. There are two options for the masking: a. Copy the single.xml from the config folder and give it a new name (single-possize.xml in my case; my version attached here). In the openspace.cfg replace SGCTConfig = sgct.config.single{} with SGCTConfig = "${CONFIG}/single-masked.xml to use it. In the XML file modify lines 12 and 13. Both Pos and Size are in values from 0 to 1, so in my example i move the rendering window up to the top right by a quarter of the screen size. b. Same first steps as (a) but instead of modifying the Pos and Size (example as single-masked.xml) you add mask="mask.png" to the Viewport tag. You can choose whichever filename you like. The image should be a black/white image image; the rendering is masked out where the image is black, shown where it is white. Please not that the mask.png has to be in the same folder as the OpenSpace.exe for this to work


Is there a way to configure the Wormhole to fixate the passwords for connection & host? I would like to automate the connecting process, but I guess that is not possible with the random password generation at each start?

Yes, you can fix the password generation; if you start Wormhole.exe from the commandline you can pass --password and --hostpassword which will prevent the automatic generation of passwords. Additionally, you can also pass --port to manually fix the port



While running CMake , No CMAKE_C_COMPILER could be found or No CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER could be found

Running sudo xcode-select --switch /Applications/ before starting CMake can fix this if Xcode is installed on the machine.