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You’ve got your Visual Studio build running smoothly on your development machine. There’s a simple way to deploy OpenSpace to another machine without installing lots of libraries and building it again - you can merely copy the necessary files to a new location.

Deploy OpenSpace

  1. The new machine will still require Visual C++ run-time libraries (“redistributables”). If the target machine is similar to the original development machine then it may already have the same version installed. (To check, go to Control Panel -> Programs -> Programs and Features).
    If the correct version of the “redistributables” is not installed, you can download the correct libraries from Microsoft
  2. The new machine will also require the Qt5 libraries (or a subset of them).
  3. Run the Launcher and ‘sync’ on your development machine (we recommend this because localizing the Launcher with Qt is more complicated).
  4. After you’ve synced, create a new openspace folder. Copy your openspace.cfg as well as the bin, config, data, modules, scripts, and shaders directories to it.
  5. Drop this directory on your new machine and run openspace\bin\openspace\<Debug, Release>\OpenSpace.exe