<!-- TITLE: Release Versions and Changelog --> <!-- SUBTITLE: Information about all the previous released versions of OpenSpace --> OpenSpace versions labeled by a version number of the form `MM.mm.rr`, where `MM` is the major version number, `mm` is the minor version nuber, and `rr` is the release number (see [Semantic Versioning](https://semver.org)). In some cases there may be an additional number at the end, `MM.mm.rr.bb`, where bb is the build number, but that will only be for development and testing, not for public release. As development procedes, some versions get tagged with names. This table indicates which version numbers go with which tags, and some notes about each: | Version | _Name_ | _Date_ | | | ------- | ------ | ------ | - | | 0.13.0 | Beta-3 | 2018-11-05 | This is the third beta release for OpenSpace released on the 5th of November, 2018 | | 0.12.0 | Beta-2 | 2018-07-11 | This is the second beta release for OpenSpace released on the 11th July 2018 in the aftermath of IPS in Toulouse, France. | | 0.11.1 | Beta-1 | 2018-02-13 | This is a patch release for the beta-1 version released on January 1st, 2018. It mainly fixes bugs and issues that have come up for users with the beta-1 release of OpenSpace. | | 0.11.0 | Beta-1 | 2018-01-01 | This is the first beta release for OpenSpace released on January 1st, 2018. It contains all of the previously released features + new content and feature updates. | | 0.10.0 | Prerelease-15 | 2017-10-24 | This prerelease is a collection of features that have been developed since the last public prerelease version for release at the Association of Science – Technology Centers (ASTC) conference. | | 0.9.0 | Prerelease-14 | 2017-07-20 | This prerelease is a collection of features that have been developed since the last public prerelease version. | | 0.4.0 | Prerelease-9 | 2016-07-11 | This pre-release version was prepared for a meeting at the AMNH of the ISI User Network. | | 0.2.0 | Prerelease-7 | 2015-07-08 | This prerelease was published for a global, networked event in celebration of New Horizon’s closest approach to Pluto. | | 0.1.0 | Prerelease-5 | 2015-05-14 | This prerelease was published for the Pluto-Palooza event held at the AMNH in New York. | *** # Next release - Tentative name: Beta-4 - Tentative version: 0.14.0 - Tentative date: ? # Beta-3 - Version: 0.13.0 - Date: 2018-11-05 - Finished: [3ff7b974f5be9a45b6f2663e27021255b6264fec](https://github.com/OpenSpace/OpenSpace/commit/3ff7b974f5be9a45b6f2663e27021255b6264fec) ## Changelog ### Features - New CEF-based user interface (currently only on Windows) - Added shortcuts menu to execute Lua scripts without needing to be bound to keyboard keys - Updated GDAL to 2.3.2 - Show percentages and progress for sync downloads - Added abililty to interpolate time for smoother time jumping - Ability to filter scene graph objects based on time - Additional lighting options for model rendering - Render on-screen text informing the user of ongoing application shutdown - Added ability to disable the console key for kiosk mode - Improved the tracking of the touch interface and made it easier to open the menu in a touch environment - Enable Spout texture sharing on default on Windows - Added Lua functions to print cluster id - Added configuration file that supportes spherical mirror configuration ### Content - Add a default path (`OpenSpace/../OpenSpaceData`) to search for planetary patches - Add a proper radiosphere that grows in real time - Add Hyperion and Mimas to Saturn's major moons - Enable the ability to not load an asset on default and later load it at runtime - Added simple example for a slide deck state machine - Added new dashboard item that shows the camera's current velocity - Add a new scale that changes its value based on the current time, reference time, and speed - Add a rotation that provides a static rotation based on in-game time - Simplify specification of opacity for text labels - Converted all images from using pbm format to png format for better compatibility - Add non-SI units to the distance conversion ### Bugfixes - Fixed bug causing incorrect aspect ratio for manually specified window sizes - Fix bug preventing specification of easing functions for property setting - Fixed focus node creation for local surface patches - Workaround for MacOS Mojave 10.14 where the rendering would only show up after the window has been moved ### Optimizations - Major improvement of planetary rendering performance - Improvements of atmosphere rendering performance - Improved application startup time - Better reuse of shader objects to reduce memory footprint - Better reuse of textures to reduce memory footprint - Better reuse of vertex buffer objects for Digital Universe dataset to reduce memory footprint - Improved rendering times by reusing uniform locations # Beta-2 - Version: 0.12.0 - Date: 2018-07-11 - Finished: [c2b1a3fd42b107ed37a1d0006058ae9d2df4baaf](https://github.com/OpenSpace/OpenSpace/commit/c2b1a3fd42b107ed37a1d0006058ae9d2df4baaf) ## Changelog ### Features - A pre-build binary for MacOS is included in the download section of the webpage - Added support for using joysticks and gamepads as input devices. The `data/assets/util/default_joystick.asset` controls the handling of connected joysticks - Bittorrent-based file synchronization has been completely removed in favor of HTTP-based synchronization. This change will fix the majority of issues that users had while synchronizing data in a firewalled environment - The `default.scene` will now by default start at "yesterday"s date and show the as-of-yet incomplete VIIRS image for "today" if the user jumps to "today" - The startup and shutdown times of the application has been overall lowered - **Potentially breaking change:** The layout of the central `openspace.cfg` has been changed and users must adapt their old, modified variants for this release. Mitigation consists of removing the `return {` and single `}` at the top and bottom of the file respectively - Added a mechanism to pass commandline arguments to OpenSpace that modify the loaded `openspace.cfg` to enable the setting of start-up scenes, SGCT configuration files and others from the commandline for clustered environments - When `PRINT_SCREEN` is creating a screenshot, it is now placed in the `screenshots/{current date}/` folder, rather than the `bin` folder as it was before - The default horizontal field-of-view has been changed to 80 degrees, which can be overwritten in the `openspace.cfg` file by the user by modifying the `sgct.config.single` parameters as described in the `scripts/configuration_helper.lua` file - When running OpenSpace in a windowed setup, manually changing the size of the window will now automatically adapt the aspect ratio that is used for the rendering - Added an inituial ability to automatically create focus markers on planets based on available `.info` files by editing the `data/assets/customization/globebrowsing.asset` file and changing `CreateFocusNodes` to `true` - Added the ability to use a single-file HTTP-based synchronization from third party locations. Examples of this are in the `data/assets/examples/urlsynchronization.asset` - It is now possible to zoom by using the left mouse button and pressing the Alt key in addition to using the right mouse button to support MacOS touch pads - Made it possible to click on the friction markers in the image to toggle the individual friction modes in addition to using the `F`, `Shift+F`, and `Ctrl+F` keyboard shortcuts - The `Global Properties -> Dashboard` now has a single property that will toggle its visibililty on screen - **Potentially breaking change:** The names of properties in the scene tree is now simplified and users must adapt their custom scripts to add a `Scene.` prefix to properties that change attributes of objects in the scene graph. - Added support for stb_image-based texture reader on non-Windows platforms ### Content - Added asset for the Messenger mission - Added Pluto to the default scene - Added Scaling node to all planets ### Bugfixes - Make the minimum skirt length of globes depenent on its radius to support small globes, such as moons of Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn - Fix bug preventing Saturn's rings from rendering - Fix bug causing Kepler-based translation to use a wrong value for the semi-major axis # Beta-1 - Version: 0.11.1 - Date: 2018-02-13 - Finished: [a65eea61a1b8807ce3d69e9925e75f8e3dfb085d](https://github.com/OpenSpace/OpenSpace/commit/a65eea61a1b8807ce3d69e9925e75f8e3dfb085d) ## Changelog - Changed default timeout to WMS servers from 5 minutes to 3 seconds, fixing a timeout wait on startup - Fixed hanging torrent download issue - Bugfixes and performance improvement for atmosphere rendering - Stability fixes with regard to caching - Updated H2 regions to a new dataset - Added spherical grids to Digital Universe dataset - Improve the texture quality by using Linear Mipmapping on default - Automatically compute a reasonable aspect ratio for custom window sizes - Fix issue with commandline arguments not being parsed - Fixed rendering issue where the stars would not show up if they are the only Digital Universe object included in the scene # Beta-1 - Version: 0.11.0 - Date: 2018-01-01 - Finished: [6e969794638d7e4761180dc97ca01fb35f356e46](https://github.com/OpenSpace/OpenSpace/commit/6e969794638d7e4761180dc97ca01fb35f356e46) ## Changelog ### Content - Enabled atmospheric scattering around planets - Added Digital universe datasets (https://www.amnh.org/our-research/hayden-planetarium/digital-universe) - Mars - Added WMS server for color map - Added WMS server for MOLA hillshade - Added Phobos and Deimos - Earth - Added new ERSI high resolution dataset - Added scene for Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 - Added minor moons for Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus ### Features - Rendering methods - Added ability to provide rendering to Spout clients (spout.zeal.co) - Added configuration file for Spout cube output for use in Worldviewer (https://www.elumenati.com/product/worldviewer/) - Added projection method for Spherical mirrors (paulbourke.net/dome) - User Interface - Added on-screen information about friction status - Added automatic fading of objects based on distance - Improved informational text telling the user that a shutdown is imminent - Added TUIO touch interface implementation (https://www.tuio.org) - Added MacBook touch bar items for opening GUI and focussing on objects - Improved tooltip handling - Only show tooltips after one second of hovering - Added ability to disable tooltips - Enabled the manual sorting of items in the user interface - Added simplified GUI mode and shifted GUI activation keys (F1 -> F3 and F2 is new simplified GUI) - Content - Improved the behavior of billboard sizes by limiting minimum/maximum size - Added Loadingscreen to appear while a scene is loading - Added implementation to allow scenes to load multithreaded - Added Rotation method that stays fixed to a specified body - Added transformation objects that evaluate Lua scripts for rapid prototyping - Enabled multiple directories for image sequences like New Horizons and Rosetta - Scenes - Changed data layout by splitting old data/scene folder into data/asset and sync folders, thus separating the scene specification and the downloaded data - Added ability to execute global initialization scripts - Moved VRT specification into separate customization asset - Cleanup of Earth, Moon, and Mars WMS configuration files - Other - Made OpenSpace an AppBundle on MacOS - Set default number of antialiasing samples to 4 - Cleanup of logging behavior - Added GIT commit hash output in log ### Bugfixes - Changed the default length of Uranus to prevent SPICE errors that would case Uranus' trail to query positions before 1850 - Fixed bug that prevented separate GUI window from working - Added support for multiple ImGUI contexts used for multiple windows - Prevent crash from happening when too many texture units are requested - Fix Rosetta scene and rendering on MacOS - First steps towards making OpenSpaceEngine resilient against missing SGCT configuration errors ### API - Added ability to query the current binding of keys - Added ability to change the range of the delta time slider - Added ability to specify exponents for all numeric sliders - Added function to unload Mission file - Renaming path tokens - `${BASE_PATH}` -> `${BASE}` - `${OPENSPACE_DATA}` -> `${DATA}` - New token `${WEB}` - Redesigned on-screen text information to be more flexible # Prerelease 15 (ASTC) - Version: 0.10.0 - Date: 2017-10-24 - Finished: [50fd93](https://github.com/OpenSpace/OpenSpace/commit/50fd9309ba9dc9e5d73bf4bde3b0d6014bb75287)