<!-- TITLE: Globe Browsing --> <!-- SUBTITLE: Information about the Globe Browsing component --> This page goes through everything that should be known about the globe browsing feature in OpenSpace. This page is both for content creators and for developers but I will try to separate the text so that it is a bit easier to follow. ## For Users - [Navigation](/components/globe-browsing/navigation) Basics in navigating the camera using keyboard and mouse as well as script functions. Also descriptions in navigating through time. - [Working With Layers](/components/globe-browsing/working-with-layers) Description of handling layers for renderable globes. ## Builders - [Creating a Renderable Globe](/components/globe-browsing/creating-a-renderable-globe) This page describes what settings are possible when building a renderable globe using a Lua table for the renderable. - [Readable Datasets](/components/globe-browsing/readable-datasets) A summation of the dataset types that can be read and used for globe layers. - [Build Local DEM Patches to Load With OpenSpace](/components/globe-browsing/build-local-dem-patches) A tutorial describing how to preprocess local patches so that they can be read as layer datasets. ## For Developers - [RenderableGlobe](/components/globe-browsing/renderableglobe) - [Chunk Rendering](/components/globe-browsing/chunkrendering)