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Bastille day

This is the date of July 14th 2000 and maybe the most famous Coronal Mass Ejection (CME). This was a large CME that headed straight to earth in a ground level event. The profile was used for two shows hosted by the AMNH in the authum of 2020 and was mainly the result of a master thesis for the CCMC. Since it was constructed for a show, the keybindings for the profile are very much ment to be used in a specific sequence and may not function well in a different order. Therefor the best way to explore this event is by using the parameters in the GUI rather than the keybindings.

The profile is very RAM heavy because it uses a lot of data. It consists of multiple image sequences such as EUV textures on the sun and cutplanes in the heliosphere. The profile also consits of magnetogram textures of the sun, fieldline sequence of the sun, a volume rendering of the density of the CME and what we’ve called stream nodes. Stream nodes are points along the magnetic fields where the flux values are calculated. Use the keybinds F2 and F3 to toggle a descriptive ledgend for the flux values.