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Navigation - Focus

This section will cover how to change your focus using the menus so that you can leave the Earth.

  1. Orbital Navigation and Focus
  2. Retargeting
  3. Many Items Will Focus You on the Sun
  4. Leaving the Solar System
  5. Video

Orbital Navigation and Focus

  • When flying, OpenSpace is always focused on an object in the scene.
  • In order to go to another place, you must change which object you are focused on.
  • To change your object of focus use the focus menu, located at the bottom of your screen between the settings and time menus.


  • Open the focus menu by clicking. Select your focus from the list or type to search.
  • When you select your new object of focus, the camera will move to look at your new target.
  • The amount of time taken to change the focus can be adjusted in the settings under Settings -> Orbital Navigator -> “Retarget interpolation time.” The higher the number, the longer it will take to switch between targets.
  • After choosing a new target, you will then have to fly to it, by zooming in.

Many Items Will Focus You on the Sun

  • Since focusing on an item will always focus on its center, focusing on many items will appear to target the sun.
  • This is because items like “HII Regions” or “Jupiter Trail” are datasets based around the sun.
  • For these types of items, there is no point in focusing on them, instead target ‘Orion Nebula’ or ‘Jupiter.’
  • To target an individual item from a dataset, you must first create a bookmark for it. Stay tuned for the Customizing - Bookmarks tutorial.

Leaving the Solar System

  • As you have just learned, most of the datasets are based around the Sun. To leave the Solar System, you just have to zoom away from your current target.
  • OpenSpace only provides two items to focus on that are outside the Solar System: “Orion Nebula” and “Milkyway Volume”


Video time Description
0:00 Retarget and fly to the Moon using the focus menu.
0:30 Change the retargeting speed in the settings menu.
1:09 The difference between focusing on Jupiter’s trail, which will bring you to the Sun, and Jupiter, which will bring you to the planet.
1:39 Leave the Solar System by zooming away.

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