Using the Menus - Datasets

This section will cover using the menus to turn on and off or manipulate datasets.

  1. Finding Datasets
  2. Enabling and Disabling Datasets
  3. Manipulating Datasets
  4. Video

Finding Datasets

  • All datasets in OpenSpace can be found in the Scene menu.
  • You can search for datasets by typing into the search bar, or browse for them in the menus.
  • Some things you find will not be datasets, and instead are just a focus node. All items that are datasets will show a checkbox next to their name.
  • Some items with checkboxes may not be traditionally considered a dataset, such as a 3D model, or a planet.

Enabling and Disabling Datasets

  • Use the checkbox next to the dataset’s name in the menu to turn it on or off in OpenSpace.
  • Sometimes you will have to enable or disable multiple items for the effect you want. For example, if you don’t want to see Mars, you must also turn off its atmosphere, which is a separate checkbox.
  • Some datasets have sizing or fading applied to them based on distances, so they may not appear even if they are enabled. The ‘Tully Galaxies’ or ‘Earth Label’ are examples of this.

Manipulating Datasets

  • For most datasets, you can change aspects of how they are visualized in OpenSpace. Examples include changing the color, opacity of items, the size of text, and the width or length of trails.
  • Changes can be made by clicking the item’s title to open its submenu.
  • You can also click the wrench icon to pop out a panel for the item’s properties.
  • Changes made are not saved between OpenSpace sessions. To learn how to save your changes, stay tuned for the Customizing OpenSpace - Profiles tutorial.


Video time Description
0:00 Open the scene menu. The current focus will be at the top of the list.
0:09 Open the scene hierarchy by clicking on one of the options.
0:15 Search for datasets using the search bar.
0:21 Turn on the dataset by clicking the checkbox next to its name.
0:25 Change the properties of a dataset by clicking on its name to open its submenu. Under Renderable, change the color and size, and enable labels.

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