v0.18.0 (Beta-11)

Download v0.18.0 on the OpenSpace website installation page. Below are notes that highlight new content, features, and bug fixes that will be of most interest to OpenSpace users. A complete changelog is available on the release changelog page and will likely also be of interest to users importing data or customizing OpenSpace.

New content

  • Two new profiles, Bastille Day 2000 and Solar Storm 2012, feature dynamic renderings of Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs)
  • Added image sequences available from NOAA’s Science-on-a-Sphere datasets
  • Added new layers for the Moon, Mars, and Mercury from NASA TREKS
  • Added model-based representations of the Mars moons Phobos and Deimos
  • Added the Starlink satellites and other active satellites
  • Added a model of the Eiffel Tower that can be used for scale references

Improvements to existing content

  • Updates to the James Webb Space Telescope profile
    • Added a new animated model
    • Updated timing of launch date to the actual launch
    • Added a custom webpage to control the orientation of the telescope
  • Updates to Action Panel with new user actions

New features


Fly-to and Zoom-to

  • These new features should make it easier to navigate in OpenSpace
  • The new Fly-to feature allows users to automatically fly between different objects by clicking the airplane icon in the navigation menu
  • The Zoom-to button will automatically reposition the focused object into view
  • For in-depth camera paths navigation, see here


  • You can now create actions by binding a key to trigger an action

Event System

  • This feature automatically triggers specific events depending on the state in OpenSpace
  • For example, automatically fading an object’s trail when approaching the object

User interface improvements

  • Added a new panel to create SGCT configuration files
  • Added a panel showing the keyboard and all actions that are bound to keys
  • Added links to tutorial pages in the menu
  • Added the ability for users to reorder planetary layers

Bug fixes

The bug fixes below are of most interest to users. This release includes many more bug fixes, which are listed on the release page.

  • Fixed issues that would prevent Windows 11 from being detected correctly
  • Prevent a crash when a profile does not provide any Time or Camera information
  • Fixed a crash when unloading GlobeBrowsing layers
  • Fixed issue that prevents the drag-dropping of an image that has extra dots in the name
  • Fixed issue loading a colormap for the Gaia stars
  • Fixed for a crash that happened occasionally when adding exoplanet systems