v0.16.1 (Beta-9)

Download v0.16.1 on the OpenSpace website installation page. The below notes are highlights that will be of most interest to OpenSpace users. A complete changelog is available on the release changelog page.

Though not within the software update, also introduced at this time is the Hub. Here you will find assets, profiles, and session recordings from the community that you can download and add into OpenSpace. See below for how to use the Import button.

New features and content

Drag and drop support: You can now drag and drop images, asset files, and screen recordings into the OpenSpace window to add them into OpenSpace (issue #1497).

  • Drag an image in a standard format into the OpenSpace window to render that image in screen space, meaning it will follow all camera movements and be visible in the same location until you change its properties through the screen space renderable menu.
  • Drag an asset file into the OpenSpace window to add that asset to the current instance of OpenSpace.
  • Drag a session recording into the OpenSpace window to automatically play that recording.

Phobos and Deimos maps: Added USGS map layers for Mars moons Phobos and Deimos.

Import Hub content: If you visit the new community Hub while OpenSpace is running, you can use the Import button to add the asset, profile, or session recording into your current OpenSpace window.

Bug fixes

The bug fixes below are of most interest to users. This release includes many more bug fixes, which are listed on the release changelog page.

  • Fixed keybinding-related loading errors in New Horizon and Mars profiles
  • Fixed Pioneer model issues and allow SPICE and Horizons versions to coexist
  • Fixed issue where slide deck would sometimes not work (issue #1441)
  • Fixed Deep Sky Objects (DSOs) incorrect scaling (issue #1452)