v0.19.1 (Beta-12)

Download Version 0.19.1 on the OpenSpace website installation page. Below are notes that highlight new content, updates, and bug fixes that will be relevant for OpenSpace users. A complete changelog is available on the release changelog page and will be relevant to users who are importing data or customizing OpenSpace.


  • Screen Borders: You can now display borders around ScreenSpaceRenderables.
  • GeoJSON Management: A new trigger allows you to delete a GeoJSON component.
  • Interaction Controls: Choose to disable roll and zoom during interactions.
  • Sun Sizing: Decide the angular size of the Sun in the atmosphere.
  • Visual Fades: You can smoothly fade in/out the RenderableFieldLinesSequences.


  • Example Update: We made a tiny correction to the openspace.cfg example.

User Interface

  • Checkbox Fixes: Checkboxes won’t shrink for long profile names and will work only if clicked.
  • Offline UI: Icons will still appear even if you start OpenSpace offline.
  • Visual Tweaks: The settings buttons are back to their original brightness.


  • Eclipses: Visualize eclipses with a new eclipse profile that includes eclipse shadows in the Earth/Moon system, eclipses from 1900-2100, radial grids and more!
  • Juice: Explore ESA’s Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer, Juice, mission with added context provided in the Missions panel.
  • Profile Updates: Tweaked tags for Charon and Pluto’s moons for consistency.
  • Shadow Visuals: New renderable to show shadow cone between celestial bodies.

Lua (Scripting)

  • Camera Control: Easily reset the camera to its starting position.
  • Asset Management: Function added to remove all loaded assets.

Bug Fixes

  • Script Execution: Fixed a problem for dome users executing scripts twice.
  • Camera and Visual Fixes: Addressed crashes, layering issues during eclipses, and more.
  • Content Loading: Improved error messages for GeoJSON and prevented continuous errors for invalid images.
  • Graphical Fixes: Tackled rendering issues, crashes, and quality improvements for various scenarios, including the galaxy rendering and the Mars map.
  • Miscellaneous: Fixed several smaller issues, including the location of the educational Statue of Liberty asset.