Beta-3 [0.13.0]



  • New CEF-based user interface (currently only on Windows)
  • Added shortcuts menu to execute Lua scripts without needing to be bound to keyboard keys
  • Updated GDAL to 2.3.2
  • Show percentages and progress for sync downloads
  • Added abililty to interpolate time for smoother time jumping
  • Ability to filter scene graph objects based on time
  • Additional lighting options for model rendering
  • Render on-screen text informing the user of ongoing application shutdown
  • Added ability to disable the console key for kiosk mode
  • Improved the tracking of the touch interface and made it easier to open the menu in a touch environment
  • Enable Spout texture sharing on default on Windows
  • Added Lua functions to print cluster id
  • Added configuration file that supportes spherical mirror configuration


  • Add a default path (OpenSpace/../OpenSpaceData) to search for planetary patches
  • Add a proper radiosphere that grows in real time
  • Add Hyperion and Mimas to Saturn’s major moons
  • Enable the ability to not load an asset on default and later load it at runtime
  • Added simple example for a slide deck state machine
  • Added new dashboard item that shows the camera’s current velocity
  • Add a new scale that changes its value based on the current time, reference time, and speed
  • Add a rotation that provides a static rotation based on in-game time
  • Simplify specification of opacity for text labels
  • Converted all images from using pbm format to png format for better compatibility
  • Add non-SI units to the distance conversion


  • Fixed bug causing incorrect aspect ratio for manually specified window sizes
  • Fix bug preventing specification of easing functions for property setting
  • Fixed focus node creation for local surface patches
  • Workaround for MacOS Mojave 10.14 where the rendering would only show up after the window has been moved


  • Major improvement of planetary rendering performance
  • Improvements of atmosphere rendering performance
  • Improved application startup time
  • Better reuse of shader objects to reduce memory footprint
  • Better reuse of textures to reduce memory footprint
  • Better reuse of vertex buffer objects for Digital Universe dataset to reduce memory footprint
  • Improved rendering times by reusing uniform locations