Beta-2 [0.12.0]



  • A pre-build binary for MacOS is included in the download section of the webpage
  • Added support for using joysticks and gamepads as input devices. The data/assets/util/default_joystick.asset controls the handling of connected joysticks
  • Bittorrent-based file synchronization has been completely removed in favor of HTTP-based synchronization. This change will fix the majority of issues that users had while synchronizing data in a firewalled environment
  • The default.scene will now by default start at “yesterday”s date and show the as-of-yet incomplete VIIRS image for “today” if the user jumps to “today”
  • The startup and shutdown times of the application has been overall lowered
  • Potentially breaking change: The layout of the central openspace.cfg has been changed and users must adapt their old, modified variants for this release. Mitigation consists of removing the return { and single } at the top and bottom of the file respectively
  • Added a mechanism to pass commandline arguments to OpenSpace that modify the loaded openspace.cfg to enable the setting of start-up scenes, SGCT configuration files and others from the commandline for clustered environments
  • When PRINT_SCREEN is creating a screenshot, it is now placed in the screenshots/{current date}/ folder, rather than the bin folder as it was before
  • The default horizontal field-of-view has been changed to 80 degrees, which can be overwritten in the openspace.cfg file by the user by modifying the sgct.config.single parameters as described in the scripts/configuration_helper.lua file
  • When running OpenSpace in a windowed setup, manually changing the size of the window will now automatically adapt the aspect ratio that is used for the rendering
  • Added an inituial ability to automatically create focus markers on planets based on available .info files by editing the data/assets/customization/globebrowsing.asset file and changing CreateFocusNodes to true
  • Added the ability to use a single-file HTTP-based synchronization from third party locations. Examples of this are in the data/assets/examples/urlsynchronization.asset
  • It is now possible to zoom by using the left mouse button and pressing the Alt key in addition to using the right mouse button to support MacOS touch pads
  • Made it possible to click on the friction markers in the image to toggle the individual friction modes in addition to using the F, Shift+F, and Ctrl+F keyboard shortcuts
    • The Global Properties -> Dashboard now has a single property that will toggle its visibililty on screen
  • Potentially breaking change: The names of properties in the scene tree is now simplified and users must adapt their custom scripts to add a Scene. prefix to properties that change attributes of objects in the scene graph.
  • Added support for stb_image-based texture reader on non-Windows platforms


  • Added asset for the Messenger mission
  • Added Pluto to the default scene
  • Added Scaling node to all planets


  • Make the minimum skirt length of globes depenent on its radius to support small globes, such as moons of Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn
  • Fix bug preventing Saturn’s rings from rendering
  • Fix bug causing Kepler-based translation to use a wrong value for the semi-major axis