Beta-1 [0.11.1]


  • Changed default timeout to WMS servers from 5 minutes to 3 seconds, fixing a timeout wait on startup
  • Fixed hanging torrent download issue
  • Bugfixes and performance improvement for atmosphere rendering
  • Stability fixes with regard to caching
  • Updated H2 regions to a new dataset
  • Added spherical grids to Digital Universe dataset
  • Improve the texture quality by using Linear Mipmapping on default
  • Automatically compute a reasonable aspect ratio for custom window sizes
  • Fix issue with commandline arguments not being parsed
  • Fixed rendering issue where the stars would not show up if they are the only Digital Universe object included in the scene

Beta-1 [0.11.0]



  • Enabled atmospheric scattering around planets
  • Added Digital universe datasets (
  • Mars
    • Added WMS server for color map
    • Added WMS server for MOLA hillshade
    • Added Phobos and Deimos
  • Earth
    • Added new ERSI high resolution dataset
  • Added scene for Voyager 1 and Voyager 2
  • Added minor moons for Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus


  • Rendering methods
    • Added ability to provide rendering to Spout clients (
    • Added configuration file for Spout cube output for use in Worldviewer (
    • Added projection method for Spherical mirrors (
  • User Interface
    • Added on-screen information about friction status
    • Added automatic fading of objects based on distance
    • Improved informational text telling the user that a shutdown is imminent
    • Added TUIO touch interface implementation (
    • Added MacBook touch bar items for opening GUI and focussing on objects
    • Improved tooltip handling
      • Only show tooltips after one second of hovering
      • Added ability to disable tooltips
    • Enabled the manual sorting of items in the user interface
    • Added simplified GUI mode and shifted GUI activation keys (F1 -> F3 and F2 is new simplified GUI)
  • Content
    • Improved the behavior of billboard sizes by limiting minimum/maximum size
    • Added Loadingscreen to appear while a scene is loading
    • Added implementation to allow scenes to load multithreaded
    • Added Rotation method that stays fixed to a specified body
    • Added transformation objects that evaluate Lua scripts for rapid prototyping
    • Enabled multiple directories for image sequences like New Horizons and Rosetta
  • Scenes
    • Changed data layout by splitting old data/scene folder into data/asset and sync folders, thus separating the scene specification and the downloaded data
    • Added ability to execute global initialization scripts
    • Moved VRT specification into separate customization asset
    • Cleanup of Earth, Moon, and Mars WMS configuration files
  • Other
    • Made OpenSpace an AppBundle on MacOS
    • Set default number of antialiasing samples to 4
    • Cleanup of logging behavior
    • Added GIT commit hash output in log


  • Changed the default length of Uranus to prevent SPICE errors that would case Uranus’ trail to query positions before 1850
  • Fixed bug that prevented separate GUI window from working
  • Added support for multiple ImGUI contexts used for multiple windows
  • Prevent crash from happening when too many texture units are requested
  • Fix Rosetta scene and rendering on MacOS
  • First steps towards making OpenSpaceEngine resilient against missing SGCT configuration errors


  • Added ability to query the current binding of keys
  • Added ability to change the range of the delta time slider
  • Added ability to specify exponents for all numeric sliders
  • Added function to unload Mission file
  • Renaming path tokens
    • ${BASE_PATH} -> ${BASE}
    • ${OPENSPACE_DATA} -> ${DATA}
    • New token ${WEB}
  • Redesigned on-screen text information to be more flexible