OpenSpace is an open source interactive data visualization software designed to visualize the entire known universe and portray our ongoing efforts to investigate the cosmos covering all possible scales. There is documentation is available for Developers, Builders, and Users of OpenSpace down below, as well as instructional videos and examples on our YouTube channel.

Regarding any issues, whether it is building the application, creating new content, presenting with it, or suggesting changes, you are very welcome on our official Slack support channel to which you can freely sign-up.


"Developers" are those working on the OpenSpace source code to add new and improve functionality, improve the interface, build and package binaries, and fix bugs.


"Builders" use OpenSpace to create new Scenes, new Missions, and new content, but they don't have to work on the underlying code.


"Users" use OpenSpace to explore, view, navigate, and display. They don't have to write code or create content, and can "fly" OpenSpace.



Published theses related to OpenSpace


Year Person Location Title Thesis
2013 Martin Törnros CCMC Interactive Visualization of Space Weather Data link
2014 Victor Sand CCMC Dynamic Visualization of Space Weather Data link
2014 Hans-Christian Helltegen CCMC Visualizing Space Weather: Acquiring and Rendering Data of Earth's Magnetosphere
2015 Anton Arbring AMNH Public Dissemination of Deep Space Missions through Immersive Visualization link
2015 Emil Axelsson & Tomas Forsyth Rosin CCMC Spatio-temporal Multi-modal Visualization of Volumetric Simulation and In Situ Satellite Data link
2016 Michael Nilsson & Sebastian Piwell CCMC Bridging the Gap: Providing Public Science Dissemination through Expert Tools link
2016 Kalle Bladin & Erik Broberg AMNH Design and Implementation of an Out-of-Core Globe Rendering System Using Multiple Map Services link
2017 Jonas Strandstedt CCMC Multi-Volume Rendering in OpenSpace Using A-Buffers for Space Weather Visualizations link
2017 Klas Eskilson NYU Creating User Interfaces Using Web-based Technologies to Support Rapid Prototyping in a Desktop Astrovisualization Software link
2017 Jonathan Bosson SCI Multi-Touch Interfaces for Public Exploration and Navigation in Astronomical Visualizations link
2017 Rickard Lindstedt & Michael Sjöström AMNH Interactive In-Situ Visualization of Mars Science Laboratory Data
2017 Oskar Carlbaum & Michael Novén CCMC Real-Time Magnetohydrodynamic Space Weather Visualization link
2018 Michal Marcinkowski AMNH Contextualization of Autonomous Spaceflight Operations for deep space planetary encounters link
2018 Alexander Bock LiU Tailoring visualization applications for tasks and users link
2018 Adam Alsegård LiU Interactive out-of-core rendering and filtering of one billion stars measured by the ESA Gaia mission link
2018 Kristin Bäck & Caroline Gard AMNH Robotic Spacecraft Visualization of MSL Curiosity using Telemetry Data
2018 Hanna Johansson & Sofie Khullar SCI Graphical User Interfaces for Multi-Touch Displays supporting Public Exploration and Guided Storytelling of Astronomical Visualizations link

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